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Zeiss Corona Extreme - the robust spectrometer system for agriculture and more

Our partner ZEISS spectroscopy is offering new spectrometer systems for agriculture, food, glass, solar and the chemical branch.

Successful agriculture production has always been a question of experience and commitment. Wrong decisions can have serious consequences. In today’s ever changing environment, nature cannot be fully planned and accurate results cannot always be determined. However, through targeted examination of the process, it can be analyzed better. With over twenty years of experience in process technology, ZEISS is one of the world leader in the measurement and analysis of continous process applications.

ZEISS Corona extreme and ZEISS InProcess software is the spectrometer system designed to increase productivity in agriculture analysis. The idea is to create a measuring sensor, which is a key component of the process in extreme conditions for the entire product life cycle. With the ZEISS competence in hardware, software and engineering this resilient and precise system can withstand extreme workloads and is considerably superior to lab measurements.

ZEISS Corona extreme is designed based on much application-related experience and provides reliable measurement results for each sample. The compact system is easy to install and can be operated independently using the embedded controller, which enables a direct evaluation and output of the predicted data without the use of a computer. The spectrometer features fibre free, high-energy illumination with outstanding optical properties and internal referencing.

Benefits of the ZEISS Corona extreme

  • Easy on-line installation

  • InProcess Communication through OPC with the PLS plant software

  • Automatic process disruption in case of emergency for maximum safety

  • Automatic internal referencing depending on environmental conditions

  • Unaffected by temperature fluctuations from -15 to +50 °C in both moist and dusty conditions

  • Protected against voltage fluctuations

  • May be easily connected to a vehicle’s on-board power supply

  • Sensor protection due to integrated measuring head and sapphire flange

  • 50 g shock resistance

  • Long-term stability; does not require frequent external calibration and only needs little maintenance

  • Data communication via user specific interface such as Ethernet, Digital IO

  • Suitable also for lab applications

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