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The Spectronet Web Pitches series brought together experts and partners in the Photonics and Machine Vision field to share their knowledge and insights on the latest advancements and trends. The series, which had a total of 57 presentations, covered a wide range of topics such as advanced imaging techniques, the integration of new technologies in various industries and the use of advanced sensors and software.

It also highlighted innovative measurement methodologies, the use of lasers and advanced optics and the integration of machine learning in the field. In addition, the series explored the use of Photonics and Machine Vision in different industries such as medical, automotive, food industry, and manufacturing.

Although the series has ended for now, all the videos of the presentations can be found on the SpectroNet Vimeo channel or below, so you can still catch up on the missed ones. We hope to bring the series back in the future as the field continues to evolve and expand. Experts in the field can submit their proposals for future talks and be a part of this exciting platform for sharing knowledge and driving innovation in the industry. Keep an eye out for updates on the Spectronet Web Pitches series and stay informed about the opportunities to participate in the future.

Recorded Web-Pitches

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