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Open Registration – SCC 2024, 17.-18. April 2024, Iseo Lago (Italy)

Our next SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2024 is a two-day international conference which is scientifically as well as technically oriented and will show the latest developments and trends for Photonics & Machine Vision. The conference is organized in collaboration with Antares Vision, a leading technology partner in digitalization and innovation for companies, institutions, and governments. We are always curious about new impulses. If you would like to give a presentation, please contact us.

We offer 6 different sessions with the following topics:

  1. Machine Vision Solutions

  2. Photonic Sensing Solutions

  3. Highspeed Imaging Solutions

  4. Photonic Sensing for agricultural & wood applications

  5. Photonic Sensing for life science & cosmetics applications

  6. SWIR & Hyperspectral Imaging

The procedure is well known among the members and includes a 12-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute question and answer session. As always, we would like to encourage all participants to take part in the sessions with their presentations.

For more information visit our homepage.

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