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Review of our SCC, September 2023 in Erfurt

After our first SpectroNet Collaboration Conference this spring in Karlsruhe, the second conference was held in Thuringia. This time, the premises of the State Development Corporation of Thuringia in the capital Erfurt were available as exhibition and conference rooms. The two-day event was again combined with a joint dinner in a cozy medieval atmosphere. The SCC was held from September 5-6.

There were 36 presentations and 2 keynotes in 5 sessions.

  • Session 1: Machine Vision Solutions

  • Session 2: Photonic Sensing Solutions

  • Session 3: Applications for measurement of object conditions

  • Session 4: Advanced Multimodal Imaging and Sensing

  • Session 5: Applications for measurement of system conditions

  • Keynote 1: Clinical Applications and Future Directions

  • Keynote 2: Applied AI in Image Processing in Industrial Applications

We have recorded the presentations and are making them available to our members free of charge:

We also had 12 exhibitor tables in the foyer in front of the conference hall, which engaged the participating guests in conversation with their exhibits. In a suitable atmosphere, our members were able to discuss the latest products with the companies.

We are pleased to announce that the next SpectroNet Collaboration Conference will take place in Brescia, Italy on April 17-18, 2024:

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