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Micro-Epsilon presents a laser sensor with digital output for OEM and serial applications

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Our partner Micro-Epsilon presents the optoNCDT 1220 laser, whos displacement sensor has proven itself in many aspects for OEM and serial applications in automated processes. Its advantages are based on the intelligent combination of high flexibility, compact design and accuracy.

The new laser sensor works precisely with standard measuring ranges between 10 and 50 mm. With a measuring rate of 1 kHz, the sensor provides high repeatability from 1 µm and a linearity from 10 µm.

Due to its excellent price/performance ratio, the optoNCDT 1220 sensor is ideal for measurement tasks that involve a large number of pieces. The sensor is used, e.g., in the automotive industry, for vehicle assembly or deep-drawing processes, in machine building for presence checks or the detection of component geometries, in robotics, 3D printing as well as in packaging and logistics. Its low weight makes this laser triangulation sensor ideal for applications with high accelerations.

The data output is flexible via the analog or digital RS422 interface. Moreover, the IF2030 interface module from Micro-Epsilon enables integration via PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.

Its compact design with integrated controller allow the sensor to be easily installed even in restricted spaces.

The Active Surface Compensation (ASC) provides stable distance signal control regardless of target color or brightness.

This compact sensor has an integrated controller. Therefore, no external controller devices are required. This enables the sensor to be integrated into restricted installation space. Its low weight makes the laser sensor ideally suited to applications where high accelerations occur. Due to its excellent price/performance ratio, the sensor is ideal for automation tasks and OEM integration with a large number of pieces.

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