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LMI Technologies launches Landmark - New series of 4K+ High-Resolution Smart 3D Laser Line Profilers

Our clusterpartner LMI Technologies, a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official release of its new Gocator® 2600 Series of 4K+ resolution smart 3D laser line profile sensors.

These factory pre-calibrated sensors come equipped with custom optics and a powerful 9-megapixel imager to deliver 4200 data points per profile for high-resolution 3D scanning and inspection across wide fields of view –– in applications such as battery inspection, food processing (e.g. baked goods production), building materials (e.g. furniture, doors and windows, planks, sheet metal), automotive (e.g. air spring and wheel inspection), rubber and tire production, and general factory automation.

Fig. 1: G26X0 family (2022, Copyright LMI Technologies GmbH)

A quick look at the Gocator 2600 features and capabilities:

● 9-megapixel imager

● 4200 data points per profile for high-resolution measurement

● X resolutions up to 0.018 mm (at 71 mm) FOV)

● Fields of view up to 2 m (at 0.55 mm X-resolution)

● On-sensor measurement tools and I/O connectivity

● Native multi-sensor alignment and networking support

The Gocator 2600 series adds landmark 4K+ laser profiling to LMI's field-tested, robust, and reliable 3D smart sensor product lineup. At 4200 data points per profile, customers can now solve for the most challenging microscopic features or choose to leverage the 2600’s wider field of view models for 3D scanning and inspection across a multitude of large conveyor applications”, said Mark Radford, CEO, LMI Technologies.


Gocator® 2600 Series smart 3D laser line profilers are now available for order at You can also email to discuss the right 2600 model for your application.

For more details about this exciting new product, visit the Gocator 2600 product page or watch this video.

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