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Join Broadcom's Webinar to discover spectroscopy solutions for various applications

Our clusterpartner Broadcom is offering an online webinar on February 16th, 15:00 CET called "From UV to NIR Spectroscopy - Integration made easy". Broadcom's range of spectrometers are robust, versatile, reliable and suitable for a wide range of applications, whether you are looking for a device for process analytics or a more compact solution for point-of-care detection unit. The speakers will discuss the technical possibilities of the Broadcom products covering triggering light sources to communicating via numerous electronic interfaces. The participants will learn about the upcoming round Qtube spectrometer designed for fluid measurements in applications like water and wastewater analytics.

The robust process sensor with 35 mm diameter is the perfect choice for reliable inline analytics. The Qtube covers the complete spectral range from 190 - 1000 nm, featuring high resolution and optimized sensitivity especially in the lower UV range. The robust Qneo NIR spectrometer covers a wavelength range of 950 - 1700 nm featuring high optical sensitivity even without cooling. The participants learn how to integrate this spectrometer, how to trigger light sources and more. Today's information is ideal for engineers looking for cost-effective spectrometers with various electrical interfaces for analytical applications in UV-VIS-NIR areas, starting at 190 nm.

The main goals of the webinar:

  • Discover flexible spectroscopy solutions for various applications

  • Understand the benefits of Broadcom's upcoming Qtube UV spectrometer for inline-analytics

  • Learn how to integrate Broadcom's Qneo NIR spectrometer into your process monitoring equipment

The key speakers:

  • Carina Buechl - Product Manager Spectroscopy, Industrial Fiber Products Division, Broadcom Inc.

  • Gerhard Sedlmeier - Development Engineer Spectrometers, Industrial Fiber Products Division, Broadcom Inc.

Register now and don't miss out on the opportunity.

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