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Congratulations for this major achievement - Holz-21-regio made it to implementation stage of BMBF

On the third of September, 2021, there was certainty that the Holz-21-regio joint project had been selected for the implementation phase by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project was preceded by a 2-stage application process, in which the association prevailed against 112 competitors and presented a promising concept.

The goals are to establish the Thuringian Forest as an interdisciplinary, sustainable wood model region, to network regional competencies even better and to establish wood as a positive image carrier for our society. With the strong Thuringian industries of forestry and timber, special mechanical engineering and digitalization & sensor technology, three main topic areas are being worked on: climate-resilient forest conversion, the value chain of raw wood and wood as a building material of the future.

In the area of digitalization and sensor technology, SpectroNet will take on a crucial task and organize an initial starter project to evaluate basic sensor technologies and develop system requirements for the innovation areas of Holz-21-regio. R&D projects with companies from the Thuringian Forest region, but also supra-regionally, will be supported by fundings of 50% and more.

Holz-21-regio is an open alliance and is still looking for partners from digitalization & sensor technology for the upcoming 6 years, to work on the main goals. Current partners from different areas are for example the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt (Professor Findeisen/Sascha Lummitsch), the Technical University of Ilmenau (Prof. Dr. Gunther Notni/ Dr. Maik Rosenberger), Thuringen Forst AöR (Corinna Geissler), Holz100 GmbH (Dr.-Ing. Erwin Thoma), Berghof Group GmbH (Steffen Berghof), Emsys Embedded Systems GmbH (Dr.-Ing. Karsten Pahnke), SpectroNet (Paul-Gerald Dittrich) and many more.

SpectroNet holds a key position in the networking of the individual players, in the development of the fundamental scientific findings in the field of forestry/sensor technology and in the provision of the infrastructure for communication and event presentation.

Congratulations for this milestone!

For more information visit our partner website

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