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Be Visionary - our review of the fair "VISION 2021"

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

VISION 2021 was marked by a significant deal of uncertainty on the part of the manufacturers, who were making their first appearance at a trade show after a difficult and prolonged break from Corona. Nevertheless, 5700 interested people found their way to Hall 9 and 10 of the Stuttgart exhibition center. The fair was accompanied by the Industrial VISION days program. There were technical presentations on the topics of Camera Technology, Optics and lighting, 3D, Hyperspectral, Vision Processing (Embedded Vision, IPC, GPU), Software & Deep Learning, and many more.

The Industrial VISION Days are the world's largest lecture forum for Machine Vision. The forum was organised by VDMA Machine Vision and our SpectroNet Project Manager Paul accompanied the presentations as session moderator.

Looking at the evaluation of the exhibitors, the realization spreads that although there were fewer spectators at the trade fair, people were more interested in specialist topics and it was possible to devote more time to one-on-one discussions.

SpectroNet was represented with a joint booth, where 5 partner companies (Gigahertz, Phoenix Optics, WinWintec, Solectrix, and LEJ) answered the questions of the fair visitors. SpectroNet is always interested in representing its members in a high-profile manner at trade fairs and exhibitions and providing them with their platform. The content focus for our SpectroNet network this year was on the joint projects "AMI" ( and "Holz-21-regio" (, in which SpectroNet will take on organizational and content-related tasks and thus play in new fields of action.

AMI stands for Multimodal Advanced Imaging. The AMI alliance develops multimodal imaging techniques that combine image processing technologies across different spectral ranges from ultraviolet (UV), visual (VIS), near-infrared (NIR) to short-wave (SWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR), as well as real-time 3D images, thus enabling enhanced object and scene description, for industrial growth areas relevant in Central and Southern Thuringia.

The goals of Holz-21-regio are to establish the Thuringian Forest as an interdisciplinary, sustainable wood model region, to network regional competencies even better and to establish wood as a positive image carrier for our society. SpectroNet will organise initial starter projects to evaluate basic sensor technologies, and develop system requirements for the innovation areas of Holz-21-regio.

We continue to look for partners for our network, for R&D projects to further advance machine vision regionally and globally.

We are looking forward to welcome our partners at the SpectroNet booth in 2022.

Sincerely yours Sascha, Paul and Daniel.

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