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Summary CHII2018 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The third CHII conference took place in Graz, Austria from 6 to 7 June 2018. The conference was held at Congress Graz in Graz, Austria.

As in previous years, CHII act as cross-sectoral conference and brought together the various stakeholder groups of hyperspectral imaging ranging from application engineers and instrument suppliers to R&D driven organisations and plant operators.

The programme has featured a dynamic mix of pitches, workshops and networking along a social events on the first evening at the Gösser Bräu Graz.

Speakers, Exhibitors and Participants of the CHII2018 conference can download the presentations from the Collaboration Forum and the Workshops as well as watch all the Video recordings after logging into the CHII2018 conference Website

During the Collaboration Forum speakers has come to the stage to deliver a pitch about their current hyperspectral challenges and solutions. This fast-moving session with 10-minute presentations was a good format to get a varied yet comprehensive overview of what is happening on the hyperspectral imaging scene.

The Collaboration Forum was structured in the following sessions:

  • Session 01: Sensors & Systems for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Session 02: Hardware, Software & Processing for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Session 03: Multimodal Image Acquisition and Embedded Processing for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Session 04: Applications for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

CHII-Talks returned again this year and offered a platform for pre-planned face to face meetings.

This year the hyperspectral training part of the CHII conference was based on two workshops which focused on 2 distinct areas "Characterization and Evaluation of Multi/Hyperspectral Imaging Systems" powerded by EMVA and "Application of Multi/Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry, Biology, Medicine and Beyond".

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