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SILIOS Headquarter

SILIOS Technologies



ZI de Peynier-Rousset Rue Gaston Imbert prolongée, 13790 Peynier, France


+33 4425 38960



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SILIOS Technologies is specialized in micro-optics for diffractive optics and multispectral applications. It has developed compact (56x56x22 mm3), lightweight (76 gr) and low cost multi-spectral VIS/NIR cameras : the CMS series (see


These cameras are based on the proprietary COLOR-SHADES® multi-spectral filter technology and are made by a hybrid assembly of multispectral filters onto monochrome commercial CMOS imagers. The SILIOS multispectral filters replace the standard RGB color Bayer matrices to provide 8 spectral pictures (color channels) plus 1 B&W picture (panchromatic channel) of the scene.


SILIOS proposes also the development of specific multispectral filters or cameras adapted to the customer particular needs. Any commercial sensor adapted to its application can be chosen by the customer as well as the number of spectral channels and their centering.


SILIOS Software

Off-the-Shelf Products


SILIOS offers 3 off-the-shelf multispectral cameras (the CMS Series) :

  • CMS-C : 430-700 nm (8 spectral bands + 1 B&W)

  • CMS-V : 550-830 nm (8 spectral bands + 1 B&W)

  • CMS-S : 650-930 nm (8 spectral bands + 1 B&W)


Each camera comes with (the “demo kit”) : 

  • Rigid black suitcase

  • C-type ring for C-objective mount (CMS housing is a CS-type)

  • UBS 3.0 cable (2m)

  • Small flexible tripod

  • Demo Software : COLOR SHADES Lab

  • C++ dll (spatial/spectral data extraction from the raw image/crosstalk correction method)


Our demo software (COLOR SHADES Lab) gives access to the raw images (including all the spatial/spectral information), false color images, treatments capabilities allowing to choose a reference spectrum and to display a “spectral distance” image, … save the raw images to apply your own post-treatments.


Custom products

On demand.


Main Features

  • Highly integrated multispectral sensor/camera solution.

  • Snapshot multispectral imaging at video-rate.

  • Sensor flexible (we can develop multispectral solutions from almost any chosen sensor).

  • Lens flexible (because of a low angular sensitivity our solutions are compatible with a wide range of lenses)

  • High sensitivity (microlenses on the sensor are preserved / medium FWHM spectral bands)

  • Very compact

  • Light

  • Robust (vibration/heat/...)

  • Low cost

Stéphane Tisserand

Stéphane Tisserand


ZI de Peynier-Rousset Rue Gaston Imbert prolongée,

F-13790 Peynier

Tel.: +33 442 538 960

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