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WinWinTec International Group and Petrasch Asia Consulting are celebrating their 20th anniversary

Updated: Feb 26

This is a milestone for our Clusterpartner WinWinTec, and also a good opportunity to say THANK YOU to several partner:

1. their measurement system integration customers from industry and research in Asia. For example, Beijing InfoTrans MicroScience, Beijing Beihang University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Changchun FAW- VW Group, Changchun CIOPM-CAS Institute, Guangzhou CCELAB, Lanzhou LICP-CAS Institute, Qingdao University, Shanghai Institute of

Measurement and Testing Technology, Shanghai SIOM-CAS Institute, Zhejiang WorldDia Diamond Tools Group, Taipei Hones Trader International, Tainan ITRI Institute and Minhsiung (Taiwan) Chungcheng University and KL Analytical Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia. Stay loyal to us, even on the few days we don't respond instantly! We will always be at your side.

2. their long-standing and reliable suppliers: gbs Dietmar Kollhoff, active fiber systems Bettina Limpert - Tino Eidam - Caroline Guthknecht - Sven Breitkopf, ASKANIA Kai Skrabe - Tilo Happich, Kompass Olaf Mollenhauer - Sebastian Linß – Denise Mende – Ahmad Asmandar. "You amaze us by handling all our questions and requests for technical support, and we return the favor with contract and payment loyalty. Let’s paint new towns together"!

3. their consulting customers, of whom there have been many over the past twenty years and of whom they can therefore only name a few: Audifon, ams Sensors, Bauerfeind, CP-Citopac, GEWES Gelenkwellenwerk, GHA German Health Alliance, Heinemann Medizintechnik, Heller Maschinen, JENOPTIK Optische Systeme, K-UTEC Salt Technologies, LEG Thüringen, OptoNet Jena e.V., SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions, THALES Rail Signalling Solutions, tmg Temperaturmeßtechnik Geraberg, TÜV Thüringen, VISTEC Electron Beam, Weinmann Hamburg Medizingeräte and many others. "The cooperation has been a pleasure and enrichment for us".

4. their supporters in Germany, in particular heilbock Marketing Erfurt - Volkmar Heilbock, Steuerbüro Baumgarten Arnstadt - Per Baumgarten and Astrid Hoyer, LEG Thüringen - Anita Spiegler, Herbert Stütz, Stefan Blechschmidt, Carine Cornez-Fliege and Thilo Nürnberg, SpectroNet Jena - Paul Gerald Dittrich, Daniel Kraus and Sascha Lummitsch, IHK Südthüringen - Tilo Werner - Ralf Pieterwas - Torsten Herrmann, as well as RKW Thüringen - André Pesch, Nicole Klaus, Silke Schott and Stefan Heym.

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