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Conclusion of the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2021 - Karlsruhe (Online)

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Dear cluster partners and friends,

on Tuesday, the 16th of March 2021 we organized the first SpectroNet Collaboration Conference of this year.

What is the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference (SCC)?

The concept of the SCC series has been established in the year of 2008. The target we pursue since all these years is to keep you up-to-date about the latest developments in the field of photonics and machine vision as well as giving you a platform where you can exchange knowledge and experience with other people from the branch and potential customers.

Looking back on the conference, it was a great success. There were more than 170 participants from 18 different countries reaching far wider than Europe. The conference was structured into 3 sessions with 12 interesting presentations about developments in the photonics and machine vision industry. The sessions had the following main topics:

  • Session 1: 2D Image Processing in Industry & Beyond

  • Session 2: 3D Image Processing in Industry & Beyond

  • Session 3: Spectral Image Processing in Industry & Beyond

The last point on the agenda of the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2021 was the expert panel discussion. This format has been introduced in last year's SCC and leads to an interesting discussion between experts from leading organizations in industry and research. The discussion was moderated by the Editor-in-Chief of the industry magazine inVISION, Dr. Peter Ebert.

We are steadily working on new solutions to make the conference as effective as possible. Just like the new Breakout Rooms, a function we first implemented in this year's SCC. For every presenter there was one Breakout Room where, in case of an inquiry, the presenter and participants had the chance to directly talk to each other during the event. This function has proven to be useful, so we will keep providing it in our futuring events.

All presentations and the panel discussion of the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2021 can be watched here!

Thank you to everyone who attended. A special thanks go to the speakers and panelists for the perfect preparation of their presentations as well as the interesting discussion.

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