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Solectrix - advancements in imaging

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Our partner Solectrix GmbH offers a wide range of knowledge in the fields of Automotive, Medical and Broadcast imaging. With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems becoming more important every day, modern car design offers many applications for automotive imaging systems. Digital rear-view mirrors enable night vision or act as a glare shield through the clever use of HDR-imaging, while front-facing cameras provide features like collision avoidance and intelligent speed adaptation. The blind spot detection improves safety while changing lanes and advanced image processing algorithms are able to spot pedestrians or traffic signs early on.

But these systems face tough certification procedures and must meet hard real-time requirements when they feed the car’s electronics with input data while simultaneously recording the resulting system response. This is where Solectrix expertise with Hardware-in-the-Loop systems applies in order to ensure reproducible results, leading to maximum system stability and safety.

Medical applications leave no room for any error. That’s why reliable image reproduction is of great importance. From the initial sensor readout to the final display presentation, Solectrix provides the best image processing chain possible. Whether you require encoding of secure HD streams or frame grabbing of impeccable still images, Solectrix' imaging expertise ensures visuals of the highest quality.

The medCAM is the systematical adaptation of Solectrix' successful sinaCAM concept to the requirements of medical applications. It is available as a stand-alone product but the technology can also be integrated in new OEM based systems. Its tiny remote camera heads are ideal for microscopic recordings, for example to document eye surgeries in 3D for teaching purposes. Another practical example is the SoC-to-Go platform, which is designed as a modular image processing system capable of high-performance DSP applications, making it ideal for real-time processing and analysis tasks by using advanced pattern recognition algorithms.

The quality demanded from digital imaging solutions is constantly increasing in the Broadcasting industry. Solectrix designed the digital system core of the ARRI Alexa™, a true Hollywood mainstay, and the sinaCAM™, a remote head 2D/3D camera system, making them ideal partners for advanced camera development.

From sensor linearization and image enhancement to HD-SDI outputs and real-time compression for digital recording formats, Solectrix cover the entire image processing chain of digital cameras.

For more information please visit our partner website

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