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PureSpectra announces the C5 Model

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Our clusterpartner PureSpectra designs and produces prism modules for embedded applications. The prim modules are delivered as a camera module to be integrated into the customers product. This results in various benefits for the customer. The images you retrieve from multiple cameras are optical aligned and don't have parallax effects. The computing speed is much faster and the camera acquisition modules needs less space compared to using multiple cameras with multiple lenses. The key benefit of prism technology is that different spectrums can see through one optical path.

The latest Model 5 comes with a dual sensor system for VIS & SWIR. A distinction is made between Model 5B and 5C. The Models 5B and 5C benefit from four spectroscopic bands in one optical sight. The camera features the most state-of-the-art CMOS smart sensors and comes with a wide range of applications, e.g. money counterfeiting, high-end security systems, agriculture robotic systems, sorting systems and more. Model B & C are delivered with a multispectral prism block, which results in a co-site image for better and more reliable information for solving the customer's application.

Fig. 1: The powerful model C, a MIPI CSI-2 camera series, gives embedded system developers access to high performance image sensors popular in the machine vision industry (Copyright PureSpectra, 2023)

Fig. 2: The OEM model B is delivered including sensor board supporting the customer's data stream (Copyright PureSpectra, 2023)

Model C5 highlights are:

  1. C5 : Wideband spectroscopy imaging - [380nm ͠͠ 1680nm]

  2. The C5 model can be used in many applications where simultaneously imaging is needed for different frequencies.

  3. The camera can utilize 4 color channels using 2 sensors.

  4. R, G and B are generated by a high res 5 MP Bayer sensor which matches at pixel level (1 µm) a high resolution SWIR sensor scanning the spectrum until 1680nm.

For more information visit our partner website and get in touch with the product managers.

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