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Photonfocus presents new photon3D cameras for laser triangulation in automation technology

Our cluster partner Photonfocus presents new cameras this week on several fairs in Munich and Milton Keynes. Their latest 3D cameras are equipped with the FPGA 3D07 feature set optimized specifically for laser triangulation applications, including the field-proven LineFinder algorithm for reliable laser line detection. Accuracy and read rate are further enhanced thanks to our MultiPeak process, which provides improved results even on challenging surfaces such as metal: laser line differentiation from reflections is reliably detected.

Photonfocus' innovative 3D cameras offer you new possibilities for future-oriented laser triangulation applications. The photon3D platform is optimized for high frame rates and high sensitivity and offers robust algorithms to determine the laser line in the camera's FPGA. The algorithms have been optimized by Photonfocus to suppress artifacts such as reflections.

photon3D in detail:

  • High-sensitivity cameras for low-light applications

  • Maximum flexibility with 3D laser triangulation

  • Embedded technology with onboard evaluation

  • Laser triangulation of highly reflective materials

  • Integrated encoder interface for multiple standards

  • All models are available as board level cameras and OEM cameras

For more information visit our partner website.

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