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Phenix Optics explores to the field of machine vision

Phenix Optics exhibited at SCIIF (South China International Industry Fair) in October 2020. On this occasion the new business units of Phenix Optics, Machine Vision BU and Infrared BU were introduced to the customers.

The new products launched on this fair were mainly machine vision lenses, infrared lenses, optical elements as well as photo-mechanical parts. The high-precision optical elements and photo-mechanical parts highlight Phenix´s in-house vertical integration capability.

The Machine Vision BU introduced the C-mount FA lens series, which are fully compatible with SONY´s 4th generation sensor. This new lens series will definitely revolutionize the market and contribute to the development of future machine Vision solutions both home and abroad.

Phenix Optics has also released an M12 FA lens targeting varying applications of machine vision including smart cameras, code readers, scanners and other miniaturized machine. Those lenses feature 12MP high resolution, at least 1.85μm pixels size, ultra-low distortion, large depth of field design and provide reliable parameters for the future high-integrated applications.

If you consider the industrial camera as the human eye, the industrial lenses are the eyeballs. The industrial lenses have a direct impact on the distance, range and effect of the image. Since the introduction of SONY´s 4th generation sensor, wider detection range and higher resolution are becoming the new benchmarks of future Machine Vision.

Phenix Optics is fully aware of the potential of Machine Vision applications and therefore prioritize the Research and Development and promotional activities in this sector. In the near future the machine vision business unit of Phenix Optics will further expand their product range and offer customers a wide range of optical solutions, such as the telecentric series, high-resolution and large-format line scan camera series, etc.

The SCIIF is a good sign, that Phenix Optics is exploring the optical imaging industry in the right direction. It is a good platform for information exchange, business cooperation and mutual communication between old and new customers. It also boosted the intercommunication between manufacturers regarding the latest information and future trending of this industry which greatly enhanced the brand image.

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