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Ocean Optics introduces Ocean HR series compact, high-resolution spectrometers

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Ocean Optics, a brand of our Clusterpartner Ocean Insight, introduces Ocean HR series compact, high-resolution spectrometers for applications from LED characterization to plasma monitoring. HR spectrometers offer rapid acquisition speed, low stray light and great thermal wavelength stability, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Fig. 1: Ocean HR - a high resolution spectrometer from Ocean Optics HR spectrometer users have three different models to meet their specific measurement requirements:

  • the HR2 for rapid acquisition speed and high signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance, making it ideal for laser and LED characterization;

  • the HR4 for high optical resolution requirements, such as identifying narrow-band emission peaks in plasmas; and

  • the HR6 for its high resolution and great UV response, which enable precise UV absorbance measurements of solutions and gases.

Ocean HR spectrometers are compatible with Ocean Optics light sources, accessories and software, providing users with setup flexibility and convenience. Also, HR spectrometers come with OceanDirect, a cross-platform Software Developers Kit with an Application Programming Interface. OceanDirect allows users to optimize spectrometer performance, access critical data for analysis, and enable High Speed Averaging Mode, a hardware-accelerated signal averaging function that dramatically improves spectrometer SNR performance.

Ocean HR series spectrometers are high-resolution devices characterized by their spectral acquisition speed and thermal wavelength stability. Each product line offers slightly different performance strengths, which you can use to optimize setups for your specific measurement requirements: HR2 for speed and SNR and HR4 for highest optical resolution performance.

For more information visit our partner website.

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