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New Monolithic Display Chips and Point Sources from EPIGAP

Our clusterpartner EPIGAP Optronic GmbH developed new monolithic Display Chips and Point Sources. Monolithic Display Chips for small optical systems enable to present numbers, letters and symbols for reticles in optical instruments. Various and frequently changing information can be visualized in a very small area and each segment can be addressed separately.

The high efficiency red colour (630 nm) of these AlInGaP based chips can be activated at low currents with low power consumption, resulting in extended battery life in portable optical devices.

Point Source LED Chips are designed for illuminations with a parallel light beam, eliminating

any obstruction and dark spots. Available wavelengths are red (650nm) and infrared (850nm) with apertures of emitting areas of Ø 25μm, Ø 50μm, Ø 100μm, Ø 150μm or Ø 200μm.


Monolithic Display Chips

Point Source LED Chips

High brilliance and contour sharpness

High reliability and long lifetime

Extremely long battery life for portable devices

High Efficiency

Customized layouts available

Homogeneous illuminated area

For more information visit our partner Website.

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