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Nerian introduces the new Ruby 3D Depth Camera

Machine vision applications are as diverse as the 3D sensor technologies that enable those. Structured light camera systems are a preferred solution when precision is required, but neither high frame rates nor color information are needed. Stereo vision, on the other hand, is the preferred technology when measurements are to be made in daylight and/or over long measurement distances, but it has difficulties with textureless surfaces.

Fig. 1: Ruby 3D Depth Camera from Nerian Vision (Copyright Nerian Vision GmbH, 2022)

Our Clusterpartner Nerian Vision introduced their new Ruby 3D depth camera, which combines the best features of the aforementioned 3D vision technologies: stereo vision and structured light. The depth camera has three image sensors: two monochrome sensors for depth perception and an additional color sensor. In addition, an infrared pattern projector has been integrated, which improves depth perception but is invisible to the color sensor.

Application Areas

Mobile robotics

Solid 3D obstacle and path detection are important for smooth movement of mobile robotics applications, e.g. logistics. Ruby provides reliable 3D depth data to control your autonomous vehicle or robot as well.​

Agricultural robotics

Essential is the reliable detection of 3D depth information and also the output of color information to check the soil condition or growth status of the crop.​

Construction automation

Thanks to the inertial sensor (IMU) and robustness against dark and bright light conditions, the Ruby 3D depth camera is an optimal complement for your application in the field of construction site 4.0 - navigation, mapping, obstacle detection.​


Stereo vision is robust against daylight due to its passive mode of operation. Therefore, the Ruby 3D depth camera can be optimally used outdoors, even in bright sunlight conditions.​


Bare white walls or textureless surfaces are no problem for the 3D camera thanks to the integrated laser pattern projector. By activating it, your indoor machine vision application can be easily implemented.​


Thanks to the integrated laser pattern projector, even challenging materials and bulk materials are easily detected. Ruby is ideally suited for various bin picking applications.

For more information visit our partner website.

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