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Lighting & Electronics Jena presents new LED light sources

Our partner Lighting & Electronics Jena introduced two new products from the LUXYR-LED series at the VISION show. The LUXYR-LED MAGNA is a compact LED flourescent light source. In Addition, the LUXYR-LED ONE FLEX, a flexible LED light source for machine vision and UV applications was presented for the first time.

But there is more in stock, for example the LUXYR-LED PICO, a light source up to 1000 lm. The new „PICO“ offers maximum flexibility and optical performance for laboratory applications. Various adapters allow connection to common microscope types and other optical setups. You can configure and operate the light source easily via an USB interface. Second option is to control the light source through the universal „control interface” directly from the microscope via a suitable connector. Third, a standalone control panel can be used to control the light source. For pulse- and level-controlled operation the PICO light source offers a trigger interface, too. Thus, even demanding tasks can be realized.


  • very good price-performance ratio

  • stable output

  • high luminous flux (CW up to 1000 lm)

  • gamma-corrected brightness control

  • superior lifetime (> 25,000 h)

  • silent and vibration-free operation

  • compact design & low weight

  • various LED versions available

  • pulse mode with TTL trigger possible


  • fluorescence microscopy

  • bright-field microscopy

  • dark-field microscopy

  • image processing

  • optical inspection

  • semiconductor manufacturing

  • materials testing

  • forensics

LEJ also promotes an LED-PULSE-CONTROLLER with 4 channels. which allows simple control of high-power LEDs and LED groups. The 2 and 4-channel digital lighting controllers of the LEJ for controlling high-power LED groups enable the precise adjustment of the LED current, the pulse length and delay in a large setting range independently for each channel. The mode DC, pulsed or switched is also selected independently for each channel.

For more information visit our partner website

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