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Join the perClass Mira online training course on 6th and 7th of December

Spectral image interpretation - make sense of your spectral images

Why should you join?

  • You want to interpret your own spectral images without programming

  • You want to build classification or quality estimation solutions based on spectral imaging

  • You want to deploy spectral imaging technology in your production process

For whom?

  • System integrators

  • Applied researchers in phenotyping, food quality, recycling...

  • Distributors and resellers of spectral imaging systems


On-line via Zoom


  • Two days, each with two 1.5h modules

  • Hands-on on different practical data sets

  • Additional one-on-one session with perClass application expert on your own data

Register here.


Module 1: Classification

Basics of spectral imaging, Classification use-case. Active learning to improve labeling. Classification performance and fine-tuning.

Module 2: Object segmentation

Object segmentation and classification. Foreign object detection with unknown objects. Per-object performance estimation.

Module 3: Regression

Regression use-case. Quantification from spectral images. Data cleaning, outlier detection and removal.

Module 4: Visualization and data export

Visualization of spectral indices. Definition of custom spectral indices. Export of data and models. Model deployment using perClass Mira Runtime and perClass Batch processing.

Course details


595 EUR

For more information visit our partner website.

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