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JAI offers new collection of pre-qualified lenses

Our partner JAI has begun offering its customers a collection of more than 75 machine vision lenses which have been pre-qualified to ensure high quality imaging when used in conjunction with various JAI camera models. JAI has partnered with leading optics suppliers to carefully match lenses to the sensor formats, pixel sizes, and other camera specifications critical to maximizing the optical performance of area scan cameras in JAI's single-sensor Go-X Series, Go Series, and Spark Series, as well as JAI's Apex Series, Fusion Series, and Fusion Flex-Eye multi-sensor prism cameras.

Over half of the lenses will be sold under the JAI brand, with the remainder carrying the well-known Computar brand from CBC Group. While customers are free to choose from many other lens options available in the marketplace, the new JAI lens collection provides an easy starting point for system designers to create fully-compatible camera-plus-lens solutions and avoid potential image quality issues which can occur from mismatched specifications.

Three lens series offered The JAI lens collection is divided into three different series:

The Compact C-mount series is designed to deliver an exceptional combination of performance and price when combined with the state-of-the art sensors found in JAI's Go-X Series of compact machine vision cameras. The selection includes fixed-focal lengths from 4 mm to 75 mm depending on the sensor format. All lenses have C-mounts and locking screws on focus and iris settings to ensure reliable operation in typical factory environments. These lenses are also suitable for Go Series and Spark Series cameras with up to 12-megapixel resolutions.

The High Performance, High Resolution series provides lenses capable of delivering sharp contrast even in applications requiring resolving power of up to 200 lp/mm. This selection of high performance, high resolution lenses with focal lengths from 12 to 90 mm lets customers leverage the small pixel sizes and high level of detail afforded by JAI's Spark Series 26-megapixel high resolution cameras, as well as selected 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel models, while maintaining maximum image quality.

The Prism-Optimized series features lenses with special designs to compensate for the different optical paths and focusing characteristics of multi-waveband cameras built around prism technology. Focal lengths from 6 mm to 16 mm are available. The lenses are designed to work across the visible and near-infrared spectral ranges enabling them to support JAI's Apex and Apex Medical and Life Sciences Series, as well as the multispectral capabilities of JAI's Fusion Series and Flex-Eye prism-based cameras.

Simplifying lens selection

Lenses are grouped into tables showing which lenses support each JAI camera model. To help customers select the proper focal length for their application, a simple spreadsheet-based calculator can be downloaded free of charge. By entering a few parameters like working distance, FOV, and minimum feature size, customers can determine the best focal length and can also make sure that their camera will deliver the needed level of detail for their application.

For more information visit our partner website

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