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JAI A/S presents new camera solutions at Vision Stuttgart

Our cluster partner JAI A/S will be presenting its latest industrial camera solutions at the Vision Stuttgart show from 4th to 6th of October. On display will be an extended range of compact, lightweight, and affordable area scan cameras from the Go-X Series along with a new multi-sensor prism-based line scan camera that combines visible color imaging and Short Ware Infrared (SWIR) imaging in a single camera. Also, a new 8.1-megapixel ultraviolet (UV) area scan camera in the Go Series will be displayed.

Fig. 1: JAI's new Go-X-series (Copyright JAI A/S 2022)

The Go-X Series is expanding with new models featuring Sony Pregius S CMOS sensors:

JAI is expanding its Go-X Series with 24 new cameras (color and monochrome) equipped with Sony Pregius S 4th generation CMOS sensors, reaching a total of 48 models tailored to different vision needs. While the Go-X Series previously offered resolutions ranging from 2.3 megapixels to 12.3 megapixels, the additional models now extend that range up to 24.5 megapixels. To achieve a high frame rate especially with the larger resolutions, all new Go-X models will be available with 5GigE and CoaXPress as well as the standard GigE interface. Thanks to the 2.74 µm backside illuminated pixels the new models provide excellent light sensitivity, and even the high-resolution models (like the 24-megapixel camera) feature a compact housing and sensor format as well as a small optical circle making the cameras compatible with lower cost C-mount lenses. In addition, JAI introduces two new features to further strengthen the 4th generation models: Xscale, which is an in-camera feature that offers exceptional flexibility for rescaling pixel sizes, and Xpress, which is a lossless image compression function that enables the 1GigE models to achieve higher frame rates.

New 8.1-megapixel ultraviolet (UV) camera in the Go Series:

The new Go Series camera model (GO-8105M-5GE-UV) will provide vision system designers with UV imaging capability. The camera is based on the 8.1 MP 4th generation Sony Pregius sensor, a 2/3” CMOS imager (global shutter) that features backside-illuminated pixel technology and accepts power over the GigE Vision interface or via a separate 6-pin connector.

New prism-based four-channel line scan camera combines visible and short ware infrared imaging:

JAI will also display a new 4-sensor color line scan camera in the Sweep+ Series. The new model (SW-4010Q-MCL) features an integrated prism that splits the incoming light onto four separate CMOS sensors making it possible to simultaneous image Red, Green, and Blue (R-G-B) visible wavebands, as well as Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light in a single camera. The three visible sensors provide a resolution of 4096 pixels in a line while the SWIR channel provides 1024 pixels in a line. To compensate for variation in pixel size between the RGB sensors and the SWIR sensor the new Sweep+ model is available with an ROI-scaling function. Other features include color temperature presets, shading correction, and chromatic aberration correction.

For more information visit our partner website.

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