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EVK acquires Rights on Chemometric Software from Perception Park

Our clusterpartner EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH, a leading provider of hyperspectral imaging solutions for industrial applications, announces its acquisition of the chemometric software from the company Perception Park GmbH. The acquired software includes components of former products Perception Studio and Perception Systems. Following the transaction, EVK holds full ownership of this software, including all related intellectual property rights.

The CEO of EVK, Matjaz Novak, explains: “We acquired the chemometric software from Perception Park to integrate parts of the software code in our market-proven and well-established EVK SQALAR product, a software for creating and validating classification models based on hyperspectral imaging data.” Mr. Novak adds: “We have currently no plans for bringing any products to the market that would represent any former or new releases of the discontinued Perception Park products.”

EVK SQALAR chemometric software, in combination with EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras and EVK ALPHA edge computing, offers a unique, state-of-the art platform for fast development and deployment of sorting and monitoring applications in the processing industries.

Customers benefit from EVK`s decades of industry experience and know-how in sensor-based data analysis using hyperspectral cameras and inductive sensors. EVK`s hyperspectral camera systems can classify objects and parts thereof based on their chemical composition, allowing the quantitative measurement of chemical properties such as dry mass, protein, moisture, polymers, calorific value in RDF and more.

For more information visit our partner website.

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