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Efficiency Leap in Shunting Operation with Kappa Train Eye Solutions

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Our Partner Kappa offers a certifiable railway vision solution for safety single-person operations for the so called "last mile". The ultimate goal for the technical devices Train Eye Vision Module, the Train Eye remote unit and the Train Eye Display is to save time, reduce costs and minimize accident risks.

The video assistance systems support loose shunting and hump shunting movements of locomotives without additional staff at the front end. With the video assistance system, the driver can view the track and structure gauge at a distance of several hundred meters in front of the train on a display. This allows for the recognition of hazardous situations and to avoid accidents.

The latest camera uses Multispectral LWIR/VIS solutions for day & night vision with anti-fog heating and operating temperatures from -30°C to 75°C.

With the entry-level Train Eye Move, staff can visually shunt extremely long blocks safely in one-man operation with remote driver vision.

The advantages are huge and vary from the reliable detection and recognition of persons, obstacles and signals to the enhanced operating safety due to accident-avoiding assistance functions.

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