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CDA invests in virtual future

With a major project, our Clusterpartner and former CD producer CDA Suhl is opening up new business areas. A new cleanroom is currently being built at the Albrechts-based company to produce lenses for virtual glasses for major American customers.

Work on a new cleanroom system at CDA GmbH in Suhl is currently in full swing. Following the start of planning in March, a cleanroom is to go into operation in record time in December for the series production of injection molded lenses. The entire air-conditioning and electrical systems and the exterior walls have already been installed.

Since the beginning of the year, 20 different companies, 40 craftsmen and 10 engineers have been planning and working on the major project. A clean room with an area of 485 square meters divided into seven rooms is to be created. In the future, components for AR and VR glasses of well-known American major customers will be manufactured in these rooms under particularly high degrees of cleanliness.

AR glasses (for augmented reality) are about enriching reality with additional information. Typical applications of this technology include work instructions and parts labels for fitters and mechanics, the display of navigation instructions on the windshield of a car, the visualization of planned buildings at their later location, or digital games and more.

VR (virtual reality) glasses create an entirely new virtual reality for the user - an artificial world that can be experienced with the help of special software and hardware. Virtual reality uses technologies for generating 3D graphics, multisensor interaction technologies and high-resolution displays to create a simulative, virtual 3D environment. This digital reality goes far beyond previously existing 3D technologies by providing a more complete, immersive experience. By using VR goggles, the user is provided with a complete immersion into the virtual world by means of high-resolution displays, 360-degree or 3D content and auditory elements. The main areas of application are digital games, industrial and product development, the healthcare sector, architecture, education and training.

In addition to the particularly high requirements for air purity, the air conditioning technology is also regulated to be temperature and humidity stable during the production of the lenses. "These requirements are enormously important in order to be able to guarantee consistently high quality for our customer's finished product," say Frank Hartwig and André Keller, managing partners of CDA GmbH. Clean air is therefore so important to avoid lint and dust particles. These become visible, for example, when a ray of sunlight falls through the window. "We filter the many particles that become visible in this way out of the air in the clean room. This way, we can be sure that no particles, such as dust or lint, are trapped in our products," explains Frank Hartwig.

Project manager Detlef Michaelis from BB Baumanagement is also satisfied: "From the start of planning to production readiness, just nine months have passed. Thanks go to the building supervisory authority of the city of Suhl, which issued the building permit within a very short time."

In the first phase, CDA GmbH invested almost nine million euros. "If this business segment continues to develop so well, further investments in the millions will follow in the next few years," announces Frank Hartwig. The cleanroom structure was planned by Felix Meurer of Oberdörfer Meurer Planungsgesellschaft.

For more information visit our partner website.

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