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Business initiation with UK for German suppliers and providers in the field of optical technologies

Deadline for registration is 15.03.2023.

From May 22 to 26, 2023, Trade Horizons Limited, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK), is conducting a business initiation trip to the United Kingdom. This is a project-related funding measure within the framework of the market development program for SMEs. The target group is primarily small and medium-sized German companies (SMEs). Technical support is provided from the German side by our clusterpartner Spectaris e.V. (Deutscher Industrieverband für Optik, Photonik, Analysen- und Medizintechnik).

According to a recent report, "UK Photonics Vision for 2035," commissioned by the Photonics Leadership Group (PLG) the photonics industry in the UK is expected to grow to £50 billion by 2035 and create an additional 150,000 jobs. Furthermore, within the timeframe considered by the report, the photonics industry will become one of the three most productive Manufacturing sectors in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the industry's rapid adjustment, the pandemic has reduced growth by only 0.5 billion pounds.

The UK government has set a clear goal for the UK as a global science superpower and innovation nation, putting science and technology at the center and creating the new National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), chaired by the Prime Minister, which recognizes the centrality of research and innovation to the future of every citizen in the UK. The UK National Quantum Technologies Program (NQTP) is a dynamic £1 billion collaboration between industry, academia and government. It represents and leads the splitting of cutting-edge science into transformative new products and services.

The southwest of England (Torbay region) and Scotland (Glasgow) are the areas that can offer German companies the best opportunities and industry expertise in photonics. Good opportunities for cooperation or market entry exist e.g. in photonics for aerospace and photonics for harsh environments, packaging industry or PICs, quantum technologies and laser/laser applications.

Fig. 1: Map of Glasgow and Torquay (Copyright Trade Horizons, 2023)

The offer is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized German companies, self-employed persons in the commercial sector, as well as specialist freelancers and business-related service providers. The main focus of the business trip is on intensive networking with industry players and decision-makers in the sector, individual business appointments with British companies and target customers, and the provision of detailed industry-specific information in order to initiate a "UK market entry" or to support existing market activities.

The project is part of the market development program for SMEs and is subject to the de minimis regulations. The companies' own contribution for participation in the project is between 500 euros and 1,000 euros (net), depending on the size of the company. A maximum of 12 companies can participate in the project. An overview of other projects in the market development program can be found at

Deadline for registration is 15.03.2023.

Get your registration documents here!

For a binding registration for the business initiation trip, please send the completed registration form and the declaration for the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control to:

Project management Germany

Ms. Miriam Achenbach


Phone: +49-228-76383382

Ms. Alessandra Baldoni


Phone: +49-228-763833-84

Project Management UK

Mr. Giulio Jossa


Tel: +44-7968-795461

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