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Videos of the OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2019 @SpectroNet Video Academy

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Dear cluster partner and cluster friends,

Our last Collaboration Conference in Karlsruhe brought us new insights on current research and developments as well as products and services on "Photonic Sensors and Systems for Optical Characterization of Materials".

More than 75 experts from 7 different countries have participated at the OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference in 2019.

There were 29 presentations within 3 sessions. Additionally to the presentations there where 9 exhibition tables with products and services from

  • AHF analysentechnik AG

  • Avantes B.V.

  • inVISION / TeDo Verlag

  • LUCID Vision Labs GmbH

  • MSTVision GmbH

  • Mountain Photonics GmbH

  • Opto GmbH

  • perClass BV

  • inspect / Wiley-VCH Verlags GmbH & Co. KGaA

The selected videos are online available in the SpectroNet Video Academy

(Please click on the preview image to enter the SpectroNet Video Academy with selected videos from the OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2019)

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