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OTTO Vision Technology GmbH

A member of the JENOPTIK Group

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OTTO Vision Technology GmbH
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OTTO Vision Technology GmbH


Im Steinfeld 3, 07751 Jena, Germany


+49 3641 67150


+49 3641 671515



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OTTO Vision Technology GmbH - since 1992 the name has been standing for a guarantor for high-end applications of industrial image processing in the supplier-, automotive -, stamping and glass industry as well as in many other industries.

OTTO Vision Technology GmbH - we have a close relationship to partners of high precision optics, machine builders and partners in image processing hardware. On this base we develop complex inspection- and sorting machines as well as sophisticated measuring systems which are applied in approx. 2,000 industrial applications.


OTTO Vision Technology GmbH - we put our focus on a confidential teamwork with our customers. We consider this an essential background to combine branch-specific requirements and measurement-technology performances.


Test stations for punched stripes

PSS - test stations guarantee 100% tested parts, shortest changeover times, the minimization of complaints, higher running times of the machines and less material consumption. With the use of the PSS- test stations new avenues have been expolred to use resources more effectively and therefore more cost-effective.

Optical 3D measurement technology

Our non-contact 3D measuring systems based on structured light scanning deliver complete surface data in short time, high point density and accuracy. Therefore optical 3D measuring systems are more and more applied in quality inspection in all stages of production beginning with initial operation, optimization and first articles up to serial inspection.

Customer-specific test stations

A customer-specific testing station that complies with the requirements of the user is always at most as good as the conceptual planning that is underlying. Our experienced engineers and technicians design and manufacture individual system solutions for the inspection of small parts made of metal or plastic as well as for the inspection of container glass.

Vision systems and software

OTTO's CVS vision systems are especially high performing when complexe inspection jobs have do be done by appliying several cameras with high-speed. The software is easy to use, available in multiple languages and provides interfaces to vision libraries like HALCON or Cognex VisionPro.


  • Stamping & forming

  • Automotive & sub-supplier

  • Metal parts

  • Glass

  • Injection-die-moulding

  • Machine building

Gunter Otto

Gunter Otto

Managing Director

Im Steinfeld 3, D-07751 Jena

Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 67150



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