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Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS




Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS


Maria-Reiche-Straße 2, 01109 Dresden, Germany


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We research for people - practical, innovative and professional. Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS provides future-oriented solutions for industrial manufacturing and automation as well as medical technology and improved quality of life. Over 400 IPMS scientists and engineers perform at the highest level of excellence in the fields of miniaturized optical sensors and actuators, integrated circuits, wireless and wired data communication and customized microelectronics (MEMS systems).

We focus on the sustainable success of our customers. We develop innovative MEMS components and microelectronic assembly parts on 200 and 300 mm wafers in our two ultra-modern cleanrooms and complete them with the support of our cooperation partners at our four locations in Dresden, Cottbus and Erfurt. In doing so, we build and depend on long-term relationships with our project partners. Fraunhofer IPMS is one of the currently 76 independent institutions of the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research, the leader for industry-related research in Europe.


To meet high customer demand and expectation, Fraunhofer IPMS is DEKRA certified according to the DIN EN 9001:2015 standard.



We conduct research for the innovations of tomorrow. With our strategic research fields, we are increasingly supporting technological developments that have a key function for the economy and society in Germany and Europe. The focus is always on technology sovereignty and the sustainable value creation of these exciting future topics.


Green ICT (Sustainable, energy-efficient microelectronics and its manufacturing)

Neuromorphic Computing (Materials, technologies and hardware solutions for "thinking computers" of the future)

Trusted Electronics (Trusted electronics by understanding and actively shaping their origin, design and functionality)

Quantum Computing (Scalable manufacturing technologies to enable quantum computing to reach its full potential)


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Developing innovative technology solutions and bringing them into application - that is the goal of Fraunhofer IPMS. As experts in the development of photonic microsystems, associated technologies including nanoelectronics and wireless communication solutions, we offer our customers many years of experience and state-of-the-art know-how.  Numerous products and technologies developed at the Fraunhofer IPMS are already in use and can be found in all relevant markets, such as information and communication technology, consumer electronics, automotive technology, semiconductor industry and medical technology. We present a few selected examples here.


Smart Industrial Solutions (Logistics, Production, Process control)

The factory of the future will be more digital, more efficient and more automated. Machines, production and services will be intelligently connected across technologies. In the application area Intelligent Industrial Solutions, Fraunhofer IPMS is therefore developing innovative solutions in the areas of logistics, production and processes. In the future, automated systems and robots will make work easier for people. In order to make this vision a reality, Fraunhofer IPMS is developing sensors based on microelectromechanical systems, optical components as well as actuators that detect the environment and make interaction safe. Sensor technology becomes the sensory organ of digitalisation: it forms the interface between machine and human. For the information transfer of the data collected by the sensors, Fraunhofer IPMS is also developing communication technologies and interfaces that can transmit data securely, in real time and with high bandwidth.


Medical and Health (Prevention and Therapy, Diagnostics and Sensors, Medical Imaging)

Health is a valuable commodity - an important field of application for the photonic microsystems of the Fraunhofer IPMS are therefore technologies for improved prevention, diagnostics and therapy in the medical field. Because life expectancy is increasing worldwide and with it the number of chronic diseases. Health awareness is also growing and the need for innovative prevention and diagnostics is increasing. MEMS technologies can be used in preventive medicine, for example to detect ingredients in food or to diagnose diseases at an early stage thanks to the latest visual imaging techniques. In addition, micromechanical components enable novel forms of therapy and the targeted dosage of medicines.

The research and development activities in the field of medicine and health are carried out in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Project Hub for Microelectronic and Optical Systems for Biomedicine (MEOS) in Erfurt, Germany.


Quality of Life (Automotive; Sport and Health)

The world of tomorrow is already taking place today - whether in the development of autonomous driving for more environmentally friendly mobility or research into the Internet of Things, which simplifies our everyday lives through artificial intelligence. Fraunhofer IPMS is developing the sensory organs for these applications - optical sensors with micromirrors that enable multidimensional perception of the environment as well as innovative communication solutions for data transmission of the Internet of Things. The technologies form the interface between the digital and real worlds and contribute to a better quality of life, energy efficiency and safety.

Support & Services


The Fraunhofer IPMS offers various cooperation possibilities along the entire value chain to its customers. Feasibility studies are the first step if it is unclear at the beginning of a cooperation whether - and if so by what means - a customer request can be realized. For the basic proof of the functionality of a device or system, demonstrators are developed within a development project. Especially in wafer-based processes, new technologies might be required which could be then developed in parallel. In the second step, the demonstrator turns into a prototype that fulfills all customer specifications. The Fraunhofer IPMS offers qualified pilot fabrication in its cleanroom (for 200 and 300 mm wafers) for MEMS and other microsystem devices.

Fraunhofer IPMS Services include:

MEMS Technologies Dresden: service for the development of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS) on 200 mm wafers.

300-mm semiconductor processes: We offer development services on 300-mm wafers in FEoL and BEoL, as well as ultra-large scale integration-level services.

Customer Evaluation Kits: With our evaluation kits for MEMS scanners and CMUTs, you get a fully functional trial setup and can immediately test our technology in your application

Analytics & Metrology and RF Characterization



The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS is one 76 Fraunhofer Institutes and Research Institutions and part of the European-wide leading network for applied research. Our aim is to focus on applied research and development on behalf of industry and society. That´s why we back a team of intelligent and motivated people – both new university graduates and those with valuable work experience – who are interested in playing a role in progress and innovation.

We offer a broad range of prospects for pupils, students, graduates, postgraduates or apprentices to gather practical experiences and to start a career. Furthermore, scientists will find excellent career development opportunities at Fraunhofer IPMS.


Furthermore our free tech webinars provide interactive insight on current research topics and technology applications


Tina Heinz

Head of Corporate Development

Maria-Reiche-Straße 2, 01109, Dresden, Germany


+49 35188 233390

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