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Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH

Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH ​Firmensitz
Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH ​Produkte
Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH ​Produkte
Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH ​Produkte



Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH


Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 10, 07745 Jena, Germany


+49 3641 642838


+49 3641 64-2485




The moment your success becomes measurable.

This is the moment we work for.


ZEISS spectroscopy helps to understand the wavelength-dependent nature of light. And this understanding provides a vital service to food production, industry, agriculture and beyond.


While spectroscopy may not necessarily make headlines, precise and reliable measurement is an integral part in creating and manufacturing many of the daily things we often take for granted.


Our customers know this. And that’s why they rely on our products when they need spectrometers that are efficient, easy to use, reliable and accurate.


Regardless of whether you produce snacks or solar panels, biofuel, milk, meat or malt – ZEISS Spectroscopy provides your business with the solutions to increase process efficiency, decrease waste and environmental impact and maximize your measurable success.


  • Gratings

  • Spectrometer Modules

  • Spectrometer Systems

  • Software


 Solutions for


  • Agriculture

  • Food Industry

  • Large Area Coating Industry


Naturally, this is only a small part of what we do and we would love to discuss spectroscopy with you in more detail personally.


We pride ourselves in our ability to work in concert with our clients to find exactly what they need to succeed. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk about whether we have the right solution for you. Or whether we can develop a new one together.

Support & Services

Your partner, not just a provider.

Solutions that work for you.


When it comes to developing the best possible solution, collaboration is the key. In the decades we’ve been working with our clients, we have come to learn that partnership and mutual understanding bring best results.


That’s why we offer bespoke and tailored solutions in addition to our products and services. Backed up by our established engineering competence, we can develop a spectroscopy system to your exact specifications and needs.


By working together with you as a partner to provide detailed and accurate measurement of the materials you use every day, ZEISS spectroscopy gives you both technological and consulting support.

Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH ​Korth

Dr. Christian Korth

Managing Director

Carl Zeiss Promenade 10, 07745 Jena, Germany


+49 3641 642838

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