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We offer our partners and customers selected training and further education opportunities for the demand-oriented expansion of company and employee knowledge.

 >> Webinare

Webinar zu HALCON 20.05

Im Webinar stellen Mario Bohnacker, Technical Product Manager HALCON, und Johannes Behrends, Senior Application Engineer, die einzelnen neuen HALCON-Features im Detail vor und demonstrieren diese praxisnah in HDevelop. Das Webinar ist Teil der „MVTec Days“, einer Veranstaltung, die in der Vergangenheit immer exklusiv für die Vertriebspartner von MVTec abgehalten wurde. Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation findet sie diesmal jedoch auf einer virtuellen Networking-Plattform statt. Diese bietet nicht nur Webinare und Live-Sessions, sondern auch eine Vielzahl an Videos und ergänzenden Inhalten zum Download, Möglichkeiten zum Networking sowie einige Überraschungen. Im Anschluss an das Webinar lädt Sie MVTec zu einer exklusiven Führung durch die Plattform ein, bei der Sie Einblicke hinter die Kulissen der digitalen Veranstaltung bekommen.

Mario Bohnacker, Johannes Behrends


Mit Exzellenz und Impact punkten

Im 1. Webinar aus der Reihe führen wir Sie in kompakter Weise durch die Gliederungspunkte Excellence und Impact des Antragstemplates. Dieses Webinar ist zum Teil eine Wiederholung unseres Webinars vom November 2019, jedoch aktualisiert und erweitert auf die Anforderungen eines Vollantrags.

NKS Umwelt


Using prism-based cameras for multispectral applications.

If you are a vision system designer with a project that needs multispectral imaging capability, this free webinar can help you decide whether a prism-based camera is the right approach. There are several different types of multispectral cameras available today and the one you select can have a major impact on your project’s success.

Paritosh Prayagi


3D and Snapshot Hyperspectral Cameras Based on Continuously Variable Filters

With the availability of new spectral filtering technologies, Hyperspectral Imaging is on its way to becoming broadly available for industrial and commercial volume applications after only being affordable for space and defence industries. Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters are an innovative alternative with unique benefits to prisms, gratings and wafer-level coated filters. You will learn how to make use of Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters to design powerful 3D and snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging cameras.

Dr. Oliver Pust


Gender- und Ethikaspekte einbeziehen

In diesem Webinar werden eine Gender-Expertin und ein Ethik-Gutachter die häufig weniger beliebten, aber wichtigen Themen Gender und Ethik in den Fokus nehmen. Das Webinar gibt Ihnen Impulse, wie Sie diese Themen erfolgreich in Ihren Projektantrag einbeziehen.

externe Referenten


Basics of Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Get an overview of the most common fluorescence spectroscopy methods and instrumentation. Find out what flow cytometry, FRET, and spectral deconvolution is. Get useful guidelines to help you select the right kind of spectrometer.

Dr. Thomas Rasmussen


Mit Implementierung überzeugen

Im 3. und letzten Webinar der Reihe stellt Ihnen die NKS Umwelt zunächst kurz das Kapitel Implementierung aus dem Antragstemplate vor, bevor Gutachter das Feld übernehmen. Nach einer kurzen Präsentation werden Sie ausführlich Gelegenheit bekommen, den Gutachtern Fragen zu stellen.

NKS Umwelt, SC5-Gutachter


Smart Systems for Medical and Health

Innovative technologies in healthcare have long been integrated into devices that treat acute or chronic diseases, and which affect vital prognoses or alter drastically the quality of life of numerous patients. However, tremendous progress in research fields such as biomedical, biophotonics and biosensing now offer completely new approaches that will radically change the way diseases are diagnosed, treated and followed-up. Healthcare systems face a huge challenge in providing the same level of care in an appropriate, efficient and cost-effective way. Digitization of healthcare is an answer to those challenges and Smart Systems will significantly contribute. Innovative solutions for diagnosis and therapy like automated sampling and biopsies, multimodal imaging modalities, automated monitoring of patients vital functions are prominent example. The same underlying technologies can be used for advanced point-of-care diagnostics, enabling the way to a personalized medicine. This webinar will give examples of Smart Systems in Medical and Health and will feature requirements and challenges in this context.

Dr. Michael Scholles


Webinar on demand: Driving Electrification using Position Sensors

Enabling automotive design engineers to guarantee safety, reliability and durability via contactless position sensor solutions with built-in magnetic immunity.

Michael Pichler, Rex Su


How to Benefit from Continuously Variable Filters in Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and Spectroscopy?

In the past ten years Continuously Variable Filters have become sufficiently performant for challenging applications in fluorescence detection and spectroscopy. CVF offer an excellent alternative to filter wheels or gratings when full wavelength tunability is a requirement in any instrument. You will learn what Continuously Variable Filters are, what their features and benefits are, and how you can use them to make your instrument fully tunable and flexible.

Dr. Oliver Pust


Webinar on demand: Temperature Sensors AS621x

This webinar explains the transformational role that the AS621x next generation family of digital temperature sensors can play in Industry 4.0.

Bernhard Kalcher, Nikolai Haslebner


 >> Recorded Webinares


Tipps zur Optimierung Ihres Bildverarbeitungssystems


How to Select the Right Spectrometer


Hyperspectral Imaging for quality control in the industry


Best Practices for OceanView Part 2


Embedded Vision as a strategic choice


Best Practices for OceanView Part 1

 >> NEW FORMAT: SpectroNet Academy Days

Fördermittel-Scouting: Von der Unternehmensförderung zur Erfolgsgeschichte


Date: 22.10.2020

Venue: Moritz-von-Rohr Str. 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Target group: Managing Directors, Developers, R&D

Number of participants: max. 20

Duration: 7 hours


 >> Practical Workshops


Workshop 01: Team „Toll ein anderer Machts“ – Den Trottel-Effekt isolieren


Date: To be scheduled

Venue: Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Target group: Managing Directors, Managers, Head of Department

Number of participants:  max. 10, min. 5

Duration: 8 hours


Workshop 04: Zukunftsfaktor Innovation - Wege zum erfolgreichen innovieren


Date: To be scheduled

Venue: Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Target group: Human Ressources, Managers

Number of participants: max. 15, min. 9

Duration: 2 days; 14 hours


Workshop 05: Kommunikationskick –„Mit Worten bewegen“ 


Date: To be scheduled

Venue: Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Target group: Managers, Specialists, Business Development

Number of participants: max. 12, min. 5

Duration: 8 hours

 >> Interactive Seminars


Seminar 03: Data-Driven Marketing in der Industrie


Date: To be scheduled

Venue: Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Target group: Marketing, Business Development

Number of participants: max. 10, min. 5

Duration: 8 hours

 >> Hands-On-Trainings


Hands-On-Training 01: 3D-Digitalisierung mittels Photogrammetrie


Date: To be scheduled

Venue: Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Audience: B2B, Freelancers, Schools, Modeller, Hobbyists

Number of participants: max. 10, min. 5

Duration: 8 hours

 >> Education and training services


For this purpose, our training and further education services within the SpectroNet Academy complement the specialist competencies of our partners in the field of photonic measurement engineering for quality assurance with seminars, workshops and hands-on training for:

  • Digitization & Industry 4.0

  • Advice on the DSGVO

  • Process Optimization

  • Mobile photonic measurement technology for quality assurance

  • Introduction to 3D metrology


 >> Additional funding by federal and state programs


Our coaches are registered and certified by the quality assurance bodies of public funding agencies such as

  • Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB)

  • Thüringer Aufbaubank (TAB)


The training and further education services used within the SpectroNet Academy are eligible for funding through various federal and state programmes.


SpectroNet Cluster Partners receive discounted participation conditions for all bookable services within the scope of the SpectroNet Academy.


Please contact us for inquiries about the Academy and the services offered as well as for suggestions and ideas on other topics for interesting seminars, workshops and hands-on training.

 >> Further possibilities for knowledge exchange

From our experts and company database, we are also happy to provide you with experts and companies for specific scientific/technical as well as economic research and development tasks. 

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You would like to make use of our education and training services?
Then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Michelle-Sharon Cole

Research Fellow


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  • cluster partners are preferred and receive special discounts

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