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PureSpectra Ltd.




PureSpectra Ltd.


Klingelnberg Bldg. 403, 1-13-12 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, 222-0033 Yokohama


+31 655722 174





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At PureSpectra, we provide molecular spectroscopic imaging products utilizing prism spectroscopy, supporting advancements in the global environmental, food, and medical industries.

Our design capabilities encompass the creation of prisms in various configurations. Our advanced production technology allows us to produce stable prisms with exceptional optical performance. Our investment in tooling is a reflection of our expertise and enables us to deliver reliable bonding between the CMOS sensor and the prisms.


At PureSpectra, we design and manufacture customized prism modules for embedded applications, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our generic prism module provides an economical base for creating customized modules at an acceptable price. You can choose either your own electronic interface or our MIPI interface.


Our modules are available in two options: as a front-end Model B or as a MIPI camera Model C, ready for integration into your product.


PureSpectra Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing prism modules that allow for the integration of today's smart sensors into a single optical path. This benefits your application by:

  • Increasing computing speed

  • Providing optical alignment of images retrieved from multiple cameras

  • Eliminating parallax effects in images from multiple cameras

  • Reducing the footprint of your camera acquisition module by requiring less space compared to using multiple cameras and lenses.

By utilizing the approach of spectroscopy, which employs different dedicated wavelengths, you can design a compact, embedded system.

Support & Services

At PureSpectra, we specialize in creating prisms with custom coatings to accommodate a broad spectrum of wavelengths. Our passion for prism design drives us to explore the full potential of this technology.

After carefully selecting components, we meticulously assemble them through our proprietary bonding process to deliver the highest sensitivity sensor component. This ensures the best signal and enables you to accurately discriminate specific signals in your application.


Education & Training

We are committed to providing Molecular Spectroscopic Imaging as a service. Our approach is to listen to you, as you have the best understanding of your business needs and what works or doesn't work in your process.

With our knowledge of the chemical background of matter and extensive experience with various applications, we have the ability to identify the spectrums for your material, backed by our own research.


Dick Goudriaan

Global Product Manager & sales EU

Hortsedijk 65, 5708 HB, Helmond


+31 655 722174



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