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WIN>DAYS - The virtual industry event

Safety & Security, Civil Engineering, Healthcare & Hygiene Automation, Machine Vision & Photonics

Join us for Wiley Industry Days, WIN>DAYS for short, the annual event organized by our trade journals. Come together with renowned companies and institutions in 2021.

Exhibitors from the fields of security, safety, civil engineering and architecture, automation, machine vision, photonics, hygiene and healthcare will present in the virtual halls of the WIN>DAYS exhibition center. Visitors can view products and solutions and learn about the latest trends in their industries. WIN>DAYS will host a conference program taking place at the same time in the digital auditoriums.

WIN>DAYS 2021: What happens at Wiley Industry Days?

Trade fair digital

The Wiley Industry Days exhibition center is set up like a physical trade fair. The lobby has all the information visitors need to orient themselves.

Networking and exchange

Visitors can post chat requests to each other throughout the exhibition center. Each participant has an overview of who is on the grounds, in the various rooms, or at the stands at all times.

At the virtual stand

Visitors see a list of stand personnel and can contact exhibitors via video chat, text chat, or email. They can switch to a private room for video chat if they require.


Would you like to present your company at the Wiley Industry Days? Send us an e-mail with the note "Become an exhibitor" and the business area in which your company is active.


(Safety & Security, Healthcare & Hygiene, Automation, Machine Vision & Photonics)

(Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau/Civil Engineering)

This year, the WIN>DAYS will be accompanied by the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2021, 08.06.2021, 14:30-16:30, online.

Attendance is free of charge - all that is required is advance registration.

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