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The new FREEDOM spectrometer platform from IBSEN

With IBSEN's FREEDOM spectrometer platform, you can choose among 273 configuration options for your project. Their FREEDOM platform is available in a wide selection of wavelength ranges from DUV to NIR, five different detector types to choose from, and can be supplied with electronic. This allows you to achieve optimal performance for a multitude of applications.

It’s a proven superior design with over 22,000 units manufactured during the past five years. The entire FREEDOM platform is based on Ibsen’s own communication protocols, which means you can change the model with minimal development cost and shorten your development time.

The Most Versatile Spectrometer on the Market

The FREEDOM series is an optical design utilizing IBSEN's high efficiency transmission gratings, and covers both high-resolution variants and wide-range versions. This platform offers you an excellent balance between performance, resolution, and high sensitivity, with no other equivalent on the market. Over the years, they have successfully worked with a wide range of applications, such as fluorescence, absorbance, and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Therefore, if you plan to build your own instrument, IBSEN has extensive preparatory resources on their website, such as instrumentation guides, webinars and some high-level guidelines for spectrometer integration.

  • IBSEN's standard FREEDOM solutions provides you with faster measurements, better thermal stability, and lower power consumption. FREEDOM offers sub-nanometer resolution (down to 0.7 nm) at half the size of competing spectrometers, which allows you to easily integrate the spectrometer into your handheld or low weight devices. This design flexibility enables a reduction in your development costs.

  • The high-resolution version of FREEDOM gives you sub-nanometer spectral information of 0.2 nm in the UV (starting at 178 nm), which will enable you to enhance the performance of your instrument. For customers working with LIBS applications, a key driver to obtain competitive advantage is the instruments capability to determine, with great accuracy, the presence of SO2, carbon etc.

For more information visit our Clusterpartner website.

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