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SpectroNet successfully supports the WIR!-alliance "Wood-21-regional" in the concept phase

The research project "Wood-21-regional - forest | wood | future" is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research until May 2021 and aims to develop a strategy for innovation-driven structural change in the structurally weak region of Rennsteig - Schwarzatal - Ilmenau in Thuringia, Germany.

The alliance pursues the sustainable use of the locally renewable resource wood and the sustainable conservation of resources in the context of climate change.

The entire value-added chain is considered in order to ensure that the further processing and refinement of the raw material results in high-quality and as durable as possible wood products on site for further use.

The social requirements to the forest management and the meaning of wood products developed further - above all the climatic developments showing up clearly - and make an intelligent and innovation requiring use of the regenerating raw material wood inevitable.

SpectroNet supports the alliance Wood-21-regional in the search for research partners and the implementation of innovative ideas at the intersection of the value chain forest & wood, as well as the further processing of the resource wood with the help of optical systems and "machine vision".

SpectroNet partners who want to participate in the alliance Wood-21-regional in the field of optical measurement of wood, please contact

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