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New LD Line scan lens series from Phoenix Optics Co., Ltd.

Our Partner Phoenix Optics has already informed about the LD line scan lens series in September. The tests and developments were succesful to present the lenses to the customers.

Fig.1: New 100 MP Ultra High-Resolution Machine Vision LD Lenses from Phoenix Optics (Coypright Phoenix Optics Co., Ltd.),

Phenix Optics is proud to introduce a 100 MP super high resolution lenses with a pixel

size of 3,1μm, (compatible also with 2,74 μm) and ultra-low distortion. The available focal

length of the Phenix LD21S02 and LD21S03 are 50mm and 80mm with the large aperture

of F2.8 and F3.5.

Fig. 2: LD Lenses LD32S02 & LD21S03 from Phoenix Optics (Coypright Phoenix Optics Co., Ltd.)

The large image circle diameter of 46 fits perfectly with line scan cameras and large

matrix sensors. The V-mount/F-mount rounds off the lenses and makes them particularly

interesting for image processing, especially for high-resolution or line scan applications.

Via external adapters those lenses can be to connected to various mounts on different

cameras, like C-mount, M42, M58, M72, M90 and M95.

The excellent operating temperatures of -10 to +50 °C make them suitable for demanding

and harsh environments. Pointed highlights make the new LD lens series from Phenix

particularly suitable for high-resolution as well as 5μm 8K line-scan cameras.

The LD lens series is expected to be available from Q2 2022. For more information visit our partner website.

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