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Jenoptik to install SPECS average speed cameras along 25 routes in Greater Manchester

Our Clusterpartner Jenoptik, a leading manufacturer of road safety and security solutions, has signed a contract with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to deliver SPECS average cameras along 25 roads. This marks the second phase of an upgrade project in the area to encourage improved driver behaviour by creating a better network of modern safety cameras. In 2023, TfGM also awarded the company the contract to deliver 90 VECTOR SR spot speed systems as part of the first phase of the project. Both contracts combined are at a high single digit million Pound value, covering the supply, installation, and maintenance of the solutions for five years.

Tobias Deubel, Head of Jenoptik's Smart Mobility Solutions division, said: ”Transport for Greater Manchester is taking considerable action to upgrade its road safety measures to get closer to Vision Zero. We are proud to be part of it by providing technology and services for spot speed and average speed measurement.”

Funded through the Mayor’s Challenge fund, TfGM launched a program to upgrade its network of existing enforcement cameras which will help to maintain the benefits of existing locations, and contribute towards reductions in speeding and collisions. In the first phase, Jenoptik was selected to deliver 90 VECTOR SR cameras for spot speed enforcement. The second phase will see the introduction of 25 average speed routes to replace existing speed cameras and enforce speeding over a larger area.

The locations were carefully selected with the help of analysis carried out by TfGM, Greater Manchester Police and Jenoptik to deliver the best improvements to road safety for all road users.

Independent analysis of statistics on roads with average speed cameras show that the technology has contributed to casualty reduction by halving the number of crashes, where someone was either killed or seriously injured,” explained Jenoptik UK Sales & Marketing Director John Piper.

Superintendent Gareth Parkin from GMP’s Specialist Operations said: “These speed camera upgrades across 25 routes in Greater Manchester are a fantastic improvement on road safety measures for all who live, work and visit the area. Speeding represents one of the ‘fatal four’ that we focus on here in Greater Manchester.”

Dame Sarah Storey, Greater Manchester’s Active Travel Commissioner, said: “As a city-region we are working to adopt Vision Zero, which targets the elimination of all deaths and life-changing injuries on our roads. Speeding is a leading cause behind fatal collisions, and in Greater Manchester 598 people have been needlessly killed or seriously injured between 2020 and 2022 as a result of it.”

The cameras from both phases are specifically used to enforce speed limits and do not automatically detect another offence. Average speed cameras have also been found to improve air quality and reduce emissions. Jenoptik will present its full range of products and services at Intertraffic in Amsterdam.

For more information, please see Products / Traffic Safety & Smart Mobility.

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