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EVK adds its Hyperspectral Cameras to the LabVIEW Eco System

Our clusterpartner and industrial imaging expert EVK provides sensor-based solutions for sorting and analysing bulk and non-bulk materials in sectors including food processing, pharmaceuticals, recycling and mining. The company’s core expertise is in the classification and analysis of data using hyperspectral and inductive imaging.

EVK makes it now possible for customers to seamlessly integrate HELIOS NIR hyperspectral cameras in LabVIEW. Users of imaging solutions can now incorporate hyperspectral data more flexibly into complex processes, integrate measuring equipment more quickly in virtual environments and automate processes.

Fig 1: Integration of HELIOS NIR hyperspectral cameras in LabVIEW (Copyright EVK Kerschhaggl GmbH)

The LabVIEW Virtual Instrument provided by EVK enables existing licence users of LabVIEW and National Instruments Vision Acquisition Software to easily configure and parameterise HELIOS near-infrared hyperspectral cameras as well as visualise and process raw and classified hyperspectral data streams. LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment that can be used to develop automated search, validation and production test systems.

Matthias Kerschhaggl, CTO and owner of EVK, on the new solution: ‘We've made it even more accessible for our customers to analyse and integrate hyperspectral data in their own systems for further development. Processing and visualising the chemical makeup of materials in the wavelength range from 900 nm to 1700 nm is greatly simplified.’

To speed up the process, EVK provides an existing implementation of the HELIOS hyperspectral cameras in LabVIEW as a point of reference, supporting customers in their successful integration journey.

For more information visit our clusterpartner's website.

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