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Delta Optical Thin Film manufactures all types of Fluorescence Filters for Point-of-Care

Our Clusterpartner Delta Optical Thin Film manufactures all types of filters for fluorometers for Point-of-Care applications.

They are using the latest magnetron sputtering technology from Bühler which ensures cost efficient, high-volume production of durable hard coating filters. Delta Optical Thin Film builds on more than 30 years of experience in interference filter design and manufacturing. Their business is focused on OEM supply of filters customized for your specific application. They have developed their own thin film filter design software that enables them to design complex filters suited directly for high-volume manufacturing with a consistent performance from unit-to-unit and from batch-to-batch.

Below you can find examples of filters, they have manufactured. These might be a good starting point for evaluating their products before engaging in a customized filter design.

For more information visit our clusterpartner's website.

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