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Ocean Optics is the Applied Spectral Knowledge company. We use spectral technology, application expertise, and manufacturing scalability to help customers take on important challenges for a safer, cleaner, healthier future. Ocean Optics combines system design, integration capabilities, and applications knowledge to help people solve problems using light measurement. We offer a suite of modular spectroscopy products, multispectral sensing solutions, and software development for diverse applications in industrial settings, research and science, food and agriculture, applied biotechnology and life sciences, illumination and color measurement, and safety and security.


Ocean Optics technologies are connected to a diverse range of industries and disciplines. Our products are used by innovators, researchers, educators, scientists, and OEM suppliers in laboratory settings, field research, and process environments worldwide. First responders and security professionals have incorporated Ocean Optics products into their equipment. Science educators have made our instruments an integral part of each student’s learning experience. Ocean Optics solutions are part of both everyday measurement needs and bigger technical challenges related

to issues such as population growth and climate change.


Spectroscopy has the power to help researchers and scientist see the world differently. Our modular spectrometers and complementary technologies enable you to move beyond traditional limitations. Finding your answer begins with Ocean Optics. Let’s see things differently, together.

  • Modular Spectrometers

  • Raman

  • Spectral Sensors

  • Software

  • Light Sources

  • Sampling Accessories

  • Fibers & Probes

  • Education Systems

  • Integrated Systems

  • Chemical Sensors

  • Switches, Filters & Shutters

Product Catalog:


  • Light/Laser/LED Characterization

  • Research & Education

  • Life Sciences

  • Materials Identification

  • Semiconductor Processing & Thin Film Metrology

  • Farm to Table Technologies

  • Energy Technologies

  • Environmental Monitoring

Education & TRAINING

Ocean Optics provides a range of modular optical sensing solutions and the applications know-how to help you solve your measurement challenges.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Glossary

  • Applications Blog

  • Ocean Scholar Library

  • Spectroscopy TV

  • Example Setups

  • Educational Grant Program

Oliver Lischtschenko

Dr. Oliver Lischtschenko

Sr. Applications Engineer

Maybachstreet 11, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany


+49 7113 416960



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