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Jiangxi Phenix Optical Technology Co., Ltd.




Jiangxi Phenix Optical Technology Co., Ltd.


No.197 West Phenix Road, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Pr. 33400, China


+49 9133 47 33 881






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Phenix Optical Technology Co., Ltd., renowned optical manufacturer provides fully vertically integrated, 100% in-house manufacturing and processing capability. Mainly engaged in nine business segments, Phenix Optical Technology includes among other optical and metal components, lenses for industrial machine vision and automotive applications, photoelectric modules, batteries, and scientific instruments.

The R&D department is committed to follow the latest market needs and to provide state-of-the-art solutions for the photonic industry, covering broad range of optical products in visible and invisible (IR) spectrum.

With more than 50 years of experience and market presence all over the worldwide, Phenix Optical Technology Co., Ltd ensures reliable business relationships, high production standards and long term customer satisfaction.

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Phenix PH-YGD Inverted fluorescence micr


Optical Components:  Glass and Metal elements

Optical Lenses: Industrial Machine Vision, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring (ITS), Automotive and Infrared Optics, Smart Home

Microscopes: Biological, Digital Stereo, Fluorescence, Polarizing

Camera Modules: Security and Industrial, Car, Smart home, Medical, Endoscopy

Intelligent Control: Controller of household electrical appliances, Medical and Industry equipment

New energy: Polymer lithium-ion battery, Aluminium shell lithium-ion battery, Power/energy storage lithium-ion battery


  • Industrial Machine Vision

  • Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring

  • Smart Home

  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Scientific Research

Support & Services

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  • Full set of services including components, assembled lenses, opto-electronic modules, intelligent controllers and software algorithms.

  • Strong technological support.

  • In- house Tooling center

  • In- house Coating center

  • In- house Inspection and Testing center

  • Automated manufacturing processes

  • Optical /Electronic /Mechatronic Development

  • OEM&ODM Services

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Education & Training

  • VDA6.3 Quality System training

  • Project management training (both theoretical knowledge and practical software)

  • Marketing skills training

  • Technical instructions training


Renata Franziska Specht

Senior Product Manager

Erlanger Strasse 9, Gewerbehof, Bürogebäude 1, D-91083 Baiersdorf


+49 9133 4733880



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