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The Fraunhofer Vision Alliance pools the expertise of the Fraunhofer Institutes in the fields of machine vision, image processing and optical testing and measurement techniques.
Image processing systems can be applied in nearly all industrial fields and the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance develops solutions for many different areas, with a clear focus on quality assurance in the industrial production floor. Besides that, the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance covers fields like medical technology, safety and traffic engineering or art and archeology as well.

The main goal of the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance is the development of new or improved devices for industrial inspection.  In finding solutions for each project our customers' options are expanded by the exchange of knowledge and experience between the Institutes involved in the Alliance. This is further complimented by an even wider network of related companies and universities with which Fraunhofer Vision works.

As a contact point, the Central Office of the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance offers competent advice to interested parties and potential customers, as well as answers to all questions relating to image processing.


  • Optical 3D measuring technology

  • Inspection and characterization of surfaces

  • Non destructive inspection technologies such as heat-flux thermography, x-ray technology, terahertz measuring, eddy current, ultrasound, etc.

  • Hyperspectral imaging


  • Industrial production line and quality assurance

  • Industries such as automotive and suppliers, machine building, plant construction, aeronautics, light weight construction and sandwich materials, metal and metalworking, foundry, casting, electronic production, renewable energy and resources, glass, ceramic, textile and leather, paper and pulp, packaging, plastic and rubber, wood and wood processing, food and agricultural products, recycling, ….

  • Art and cultural objects

  • Medical technology

  • Traffic engineering

  • Safety engineering


  • Technological advice

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies

  • Support with the introduction and testing of new technologies

  • Development of complete turn-key systems

  • Modification and optimization

  • Measurement and testing services

  • Training and further education, additional services

  • Funded and cooperative projects

  • Publications, such as Fraunhofer Vision Guideline series on image processing


  • Technology Day „Innovative Technologies for industrial Quality Assurance“

  • Training Workshops

    • Optical 3D measuring technique

    • Inspection and characterisation of surfaces

    • Heat flux thermography

    • Industrial xray technology


Dipl.-Ing. Michael Sackewitz

Head of Central Office

Flugplatzstreet 75, 90768 Fürth, Germany



+49 9115 8061-5800

+49 9115 8061-5899

M.A. Regina Fischer

Marketing & Communication

Flugplatzstreet 75, 90768 Fürth, Germany



+49 9115 8061-5830

+49 9115 8061-5899

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Supported by the Free State of Thuringia with funds from the European Social Fund.


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