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EPIGAP Optronic GmbH


Köpenicker Straße 325, 12555 Berlin, Germany


+49 3065 763760


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Since the mid-nineties the name EPIGAP stands for know-how in the area of semiconductor technology for production of LED chips and photodiode chips. The product range was extended and further sharpened in the following years with LEDs, SMDs, photodiodes and customer-specific CoB modules in series of small and medium quantities.

After integration of EPIGAP into a group company in the years 2008 to 2010 the customer focus and concentration on the core competencies got lost. The setting up of a new company EPIGAP Optronic GmbH in 2011 was the logical consequence.

Today's focus is again customers’ needs of product quality and service. With our experienced team we realize customer orders for standard products and customer-specific solutions with empathy and precision in development as well as in serial production.



Life Science and Medical Technology

EPIGAP products are successfully used in life science and medical applications, for miniaturization and automation. They reduce the amount of expensive reagents as well as the duration of process analysis at the same time. The costs of measurement equipment and treatment stress on patients will be reduced. These facts are significant advantages in all applications, independent of the specific wavelength that is used (e.g. ultraviolet, visible or infrared).

Specialty Lighting and Industrial Sensors

EPIGAP LEDs, photodiodes and customized COB modules are successfully used in specialty lighting, industrial sensors and automation. They reduce the space needed for optoelectronic sensors. The costs for maintenance and operation are low due to long lifetime and low energy consumption. They are ready to use without any delay at start up and tough against mechanical stress. These facts are significant advantages in all applications at any wavelength from 280 nm to 1750 nm.


Safety and Security Technologies

EPIGAP LEDs and photodiodes are used in the field of safety and security applications for controlling, illumination as well as measuring and protection. 

Support & Services

Matthias Gamp

Matthias Gamp

Managing Director

Köpenicker Street 325, 12555 Berlin, Germany


+49 3065 763760


Antje Thamm

Sales Director

Köpenicker Street 325, 12555 Berlin, Germany


+49 3065 763761

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