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​Hacker attacks, industrial spying, loss of production? The digitalization also has its downsides. We help you to be on the safe side and to monitor your systems 24/7 to avoid the mentioned dangers.

To support our consulting services, we have developed an IT security/monitoring platform that acts almost autonomously in order to conserve human resources and thus save time and money.  Our unique selling point is our ability to aggregate large amounts of data within the entire IT infrastructure and to analyze them with regard to IT security, availability and performance. This enables us to identify dependencies and critical communication channels within the entire network (website, server, IoT device, etc.). The holistic view from the outside as well as from the inside enables us to gain profound insights into the system. 

We support you in securing your IT extensively and at the same time relieve your IT employees. 


IT security

We help you to make your IT systems secure. With the help of our software, we can automatically monitor your entire system permanently and detect and eliminate any weaknesses that may occur. Furthermore, we detect live attacks on your system as well as so-called man-in-the-middle attacks, i.e. the danger of industrial spying within your company.


IT monitoring

What do we need to monitor? We will be happy to advise you and work out a joint solution. As a result, we find the optimal way to have a holistic view of your IT and to guarantee maximum system stability.


IT management

The increasing complexity of IT landscapes makes it difficult to keep a clear overview. Does your admin really have a permanent overview of all the information? Or is his working time sufficient to deal with the topic of IT security 24/7?


We show you intuitive management options for your infrastructure. Let us define responsibilities together and visualize individual work areas. So you and your IT admin have everything in focus and create freedom for other tasks.


AI monitoring

Since humans cannot permanently monitor everything, we have developed our own artificial intelligence, which can continuously monitor the metrics of your IT, but also your machines. The AI is self-learning and over time we become "smarter". Any anomalies that occur are automatically detected when they are really important. This avoids false positives and helps to relieve the IT staff.


​Our employees are certified consultants of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) within the framework of the "Promotion of entrepreneurial know-how" support programme. Furthermore, we are certified as Ellipsis Consultants.


Mario Jandeck


Hans-Knöll-Str. 6, D-07745 Jena

Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 2714 966

E-Mail: hello@enginsight.com

URL: www.enginsight.com

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